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Bio by Traci Lords

Jeff Pittarelli was born in Southern California but grew up in a quaint Northern Virginia neighborhood . The eldest of three siblings, he was the adventurous, inquisitive one, easily bored with "kids games."  A quiet, thoughtful  child who yearned for trips to the museum and the rare opportunity to sneak into the latest horror film at the movie house down the street.


It was in those restless days , that Jeff began tracing the pictures off of classmate's lunch boxes. These "recess renderings ' were Hanna- Barbara inspired but Jeff Pittarelli infused.  The reds were just plain redder and the creature's eyes seemed a bit dangerous .


While his parents praised his handy work, he was less impressed . The eight year old quietly contemplated what the creatures would look like with fangs, hoofs and perhaps a splash of blood from a fierce battle . His imagination ran wild and he spent his formative years exploring  these scenarios.


Then puberty hit, and an undeniable fascination for the female form took hold.  Desperate for a female model, but fearing "the real thing," he resorted to kidnapping his sister's Barbie dolls.  But he meant them no harm.  Today, it is with amusement that he recalls his sister's reaction at discovering her dolls had been returned with "angel wings" attached to their backs. While she was delighted others were not. And the fear of being labeled a sissy or pervert kept the young man silent.


Jeff's days as a doll-napper ended there, but his fascination for beautiful, nude (and sometimes even plastic) winged females lived on.  Some of Mister Pittarelli's most acclaimed work, to date, is from his "Fetish Angels" series of paintings. 


 Trivia :

He is inspired by artists such as Bernie Wrightson and Frank Frazetta.

 Submerged himself in art school. He rejected airbrush and color pencil classes, devouring acrylic and gouache instead.

 Has painted Traci Lords hundreds of times.


Lords and Pittarelli became friends, many years ago, when her representation demanded he stop painting her without permission.  The two spoke and she is said to have been "struck" by his love of art. He became her "Artist of Choice" and now paints her with permission . They remain close friends.

 Lords has said of Pittarelli: "At 6'4", Jeff 's lanky frame and jet black hair conjure images of a Tim, Burton character rather than a sun-kissed California beach boy."


Lords' and Pittarelli has been spotted at various sushi restaurants over the year. They both love raw fish!


Jeff Pittarelli's Works