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Armando Huerta is “The Dark Lord of Pin-Up”. And by that name, he is known throughout the art world. With his incredibly meticulous attention to detail, Armando creates some of the most beautiful and alluring Pin-Ups the world has ever seen.


At a very young age, Armando found out that he had the drive and the passion that it takes to be a leading Pin-up artist. With a start in modeling clay, Armando soon found out that the ability to draw and paint something and make it look 3-D was a more satisfying challenge.


Born in Mexico, Armando began his official art career as a graphic designer. With clients like Coca-Cola and Playboy, Armando soon had a name for himself. Once his artwork was spotted in the USA, Armando soon found himself on numerous comic book covers and a hit at Comic Book Conventions and Tattoo shows nationwide. With his growing popularity it is no wonder how such an accomplished artist could pick up collectors world wide who not only collect one or two pieces, but commission custom art regularly.


With a look ahead, Armando has his eyes set on new challenges and ways to improve every day. His new painting “Venus” is unlike anything we have seen yet and it is just a gateway to a new era in his art.


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